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What is Mingo?

mingo uti treatment

Mingo is a drink mix that prevents occasional and recurrent urinary tract infections.

Most UTIs are caused by common bacteria “getting up in there,” or hooking on to the urinary tract and causing an infection.

MINGO targets the "hooking on" process by sticking to the bacteria's evil little feet so the infection can’t multiply or happen in the first place.

Lots of women get UTIs. Some of us get them a LOT. I started MINGO to take control of my own UTI battles. I’mDONE with waiting to see if I get a UTI and relying on antibiotics after the worst has already happened.

MINGO is formulated around a therapeutic dose of d-mannose (2,000 mg) according to results of independent clinical trials. D-mannose actively prevents pesky bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract and causing infections. Read more about d-mannose.
  • I’ve kept the mix simple and safe. There’s no scary stuff in here and there’s definitely no filler. Targeted ingredients like Vitamins C and B6 support the immune system and prevent irritation.See full ingredients profile.
    Each pack of MINGO comes with 15 single serve sticks for on-the-go access. The sticks each contain the perfect amount of easy to mix powder. Just mix with water and drink.
    • Throw a few sticks in your purse, in your bathroom cupboard, and in your desk drawer to make sure you’re never empty handed.Learn how to get the most out of MINGO.

    And ya, it tastes great! The original MINGO is a refreshing lemon-lime flavour that uses only natural flavours, colours, and sweeteners. I'd love for you guys to help me choose our next flavour! 

    How do I make Mingo? 

    MINGO is as easy as pour > mix > drink.

    mingo drink mix directions


    We recommend using about 500ml of water (or 2 cups, or 17 ounces, or ½ litre, or 100 teaspoons).

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    When am I supposed to drink Mingo? 

    MINGO should be tailored to your personal UTI battle.

    Timing matters. The goal is to have MINGO doing its thing (yay!) when the bacteria istrying to do its thing (ruin your life!). After drinking MINGO, the next couple times you go pee is when a lot of the magic happens. 

    Here are the three most common ways the Mingo Tribe makes the most out of Mingo:

    mingo uti treatment

    1. The Sex One.

    For most people, UTIs are caused by sexy times in some way or another.
    • For you, we recommend drinking one stick an hour before “getting it on” and one within 4-6 hours afterwards.
    • The goal is for MINGO to be doing its UTI-fighting thing while you pee after sex. 

      uti treatment

      2. The Sweaty One. 

      Workin' on your fitness? Get it girl.

      • Drink 1 serving of Mingo after a long sweaty workout session, especially if you can’t hit the shower right away or if you often exercise in your lulu's/spandex.

        uti treatment
        3. The Everyday One.

        For some people, ongoing UTIs seem like they have no identifiable source or cause.
        • For you, we recommend drinking one stick every morning and then one before any activity that concerns you — like a long plane ride with no shower, or that girls weekend camping trip.
            • You don’t have to worry about taking it too much, though for most people we recommend not exceeding 3 sticks in 24 hours. 

                Cool. So what's in Mingo? 


                Formulated to really work with no scary stuff and no filler.

                We promised ourselves to keep it simple. We’re proud to be able to list every ingredient here, in order of volume:

                • *D-Mannose (2,000 mg) actively targets the bacteria (learn more here)
                • *Sodium citrate to regulate acidity and help ease irritation
                • *Citric acid helps bring it all together and adds some zest
                • *Vitamin C helps boost immune function
                • *Vitamin B6 promotes peeing (pyridoxine hydrochloride)
                • Beta carotene adds a hint of natural colour (plant extract)
                • Natural lemon-lime flavour provides a refreshing circus taste 
                • Stevia sweetens the natural lemonade taste (there's no aftertaste, we promise)
                • Silica ensures the ingredients flow and dissolve (natural mineral)


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