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Frequently Asked Questions

Mingo uti prevention

What is MINGO?

MINGO is a tasty and effective urinary-tract-infection (UTI) prevention drink mix.


What makes it “active”?

We’re about being proactive with your health - taking control of UTIs so that you don’t get them in the first place. Our main ingredient, d-mannose, has been proven to actively prevent bacteria from adhering to your urinary tract, so the infection doesn’t happen in the first place. We’re done with waiting to see if we get a UTI and then dealing with it. We’re acting first!


Is MINGO a treatment for UTIs?

No. It may help, but we don’t want anyone to think that this is a cure for UTIs. Too many products claim to be the long lost solution. As far as we see, antibiotics are the only proven way to get rid of a UTI once it has taken hold, and we wouldn't want you to delay treatment.

So whenever someone tells us they have a UTI, we tell them to see a doctor. Of course, we also give them some MINGO to try so that it doesn’t happen again!


What about if I feel an infection coming on?

We know that dreaded tingling feeling all too well. MINGO works by preventing infection-causing bacteria from binding to the urinary tract in the first place. If it is working for you properly, you should not get to this point. But maybe you forgot to take it, or you’re new to the MINGO family. In that case, it might not be too late to help.

But remember, MINGO is not a cure, so if your symptoms develop further, please go see a doctor. Read more about active symptoms here.


When do I take it?

We recommend people take it within an hour after sexual activity as sex is the most common cause of infection. Most of our friends have it with a glass of water when they go pee afterwards.

You can take it before sex too if that works better for you. Just remember that MINGO takes effect when you pee so try to wait until after all the bedroom magic is over before going to the bathroom.


How much water do I mix it with?

We think it tastes best with 250ml of water (one cup). But you can use less or more depending on your own taste preferences. Remember that the end goal is to pee the bacteria out so drinking more water is always good!


Does it have to be taken with water?

No! In fact, MINGO mixes really well with all sorts of beverages. It tastes good in water and water is available in bathrooms everywhere, so we stick to that in our instructions.


Why isn’t there cranberry in MINGO?

Part of our mission at MINGO Health is to bust some of the myths and misconceptions about UTIs and cranberry is at the top of our list! Simply put, it doesn’t do anything and adding it for flavour or just so we can mention it on the box just helps perpetuate the myth. You can read more about cranberry here. Help us get the word out!


What’s in it?

At MINGO we promised ourselves that our products would never be too complicated. We’re proud to be able to list every ingredient here, in order of volume: d-mannose (2,000mg; actively targets bacteria), sodium citrate (1,500mg acidity regulator that helps ease bladder irritation), Vitamin C (600mg helps maintain proper immune function), Vitamin B6 (10mg promotes urination), stevia, natural lemon-lime flavouring, silica (to help it all flow and dissolve).


I’m pregnant, can I still take MINGO?

Congratulations! We know UTIs are common during pregnancy so we’ve kept this in mind when creating our formula. The ingredients are all safe for consumption, but these days it’s always good to check with your doctor about what you put in your body during pregnancy.


Does it really work?

Yes, yes, yes! Our priority from the beginning has been to make something that actually prevents UTIs. We made this for ourselves and for our friends first and when it worked, we started it making it for everyone. The scientific evidence that an effective dose of d-mannose helps prevent UTIs is clear. You can read more about the independent studies we’ve referenced here.


Can I take a double dose?

You can, but it’s not necessary. Our sachets are loaded with the effective dose. There’s no risk of overdosing by adding extra, but just like when you take two Vitamin C pills, it won’t double the effectiveness. We recommend not exceeding five sachets a day to be extra safe. 


Are there other flavours?

Not yet. We’re working with the MINGO community to plan what to launch next. You can sign up here to be a part of the conversation.


What are the side effects?

NOT GETTING UTIS (HA!). But seriously, there are no known side effects for any of our ingredients besides a mild laxative effect from over-consumption of D-mannose.

We only used ingredients that are already recognized as safe for consumption by Health Canada and the US FDA.


Where is MINGO manufactured?

We’re proud to say that MINGO is made here in Toronto, Canada. 

Fun MINGO fact - the first version of MINGO was made in a friend’s living room in London Ontario in 2015. And yes, it even tasted good!




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