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Who Is Mingo?

nadia kumentas mingo

I’ll never forget my very first urinary tract infection (aka UTI) in first-year university.  I had just started seeing a new –we’ll call him “boyfriend”– and I was terrified I had an STD.

Things were going really well and then one morning I woke up and felt as though my bladder had magically conjured mini razor blades and I was forced to pee them out... EVERY 10 MINUTES. The pain was insufferable and I was barely able to stay seated through a whole class.  Shortly after finding out I was suffering from a UTI (“very common, no need to worry” said the doctor) I was swiftly prescribed a round of antibiotics and told to pee before and after sex. I went on my merry peeing razor blade way.

5 years, a few “boyfriends”, and 9 UTIs later I found myself in school to becoming a naturopathic doctor and learning the importance of additional preventative care and the increasing horrors of antibiotic overuse.

After extensive trial and error with different herbs, supplements, and lifestyle protocols I was finally able to break the cycle of chronic recurrent UTIs.  The only problem was, there was no single easy to take product on the market that contained the exact dosage of therapeutic material I needed. I wondered if it would be possible to develop a single, all natural product that stops the cycle of UTIs, or prevents the cycle from starting that was easy to take, maybe even enjoyable.

nadia kumentas


Fast forward a few more years and I found myself in a conversation with an ex-pharmaceutical developer and a business strategist (ie my current business partners) who have had significant others that have also suffered recurrent UTIs.  

Our superpowers united and a vision was born: MINGO!

Our Vision:

  1. The gold standard alternative to antibiotic overuse
  2. Education and community support (The Mingo Tribe)
  3. Stop the cycle, stop the discomfort, stop the disruption


UTI 911 Guide: