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April 24, 2019 4 min read 0 Comments

How to Prevent a UTI

Mingo started with one BURNING question: How can we stop urinary tract infections once and for all? (1)

The journey that followed has been so inspiring. In a little over a year, we’ve sent our little sachets of UTI prevention powder to people all over the world. Knowing that there are people across the globe looking for something to help prevent urinary tract infections makes the journey feel extremely worthwhile and meaningful.

how to stop a UTI


The overwhelming positive responses we’ve received has been remarkable. One of our favourite comments was from Cassandra:



I’ve had over 10 re-occurring UTIs within the past year (yes quite a nightmare🙄). I’ve tried many natural products. D-Mannose pills and powders work for me sometimes and sometimes they don’t🤷🏻‍♀️ However one packet of Mingo after a UTI trigger is working for me right now! 😍This is a huge relief for me! 💛💙It is my first time purchasing this product and I hope it will continuously work for me over time (I will write a second review)! I love the taste of Mingo and I look forward to drinking it😄Thank you so much for creating this product!

Or from Erin:


It Works!!!

So great to find an alternative to constant anti b's! Give it a try!

There’s something so powerful in comments like these from awesome women that I’ve never met. They found Mingo, they gave it a try, and it had an impact on their life.

I honestly can’t ask for much more than that.

prevent UTIs

The fact that there are women out there getting fewer UTIs (hopefully none!!), and taking fewer antibiotics (hopefully none!!) is incredible.

Anyone who runs a business or brand like Mingo knows the journey is long. Finding a mix of ingredients that worked was our primary focus, based on evidence and experience with an effective dose of 2,000 mg of d-mannose.(2, 3) But that was just the beginning.

We needed to decide what it should taste like, what kind of box we wanted to put it in, how many we should put in each box. But all along the way, we knew we had something that worked. We still say to people who reach out to us urgently to just find a reliable source of d-mannose. The other ingredients and features of Mingo give the process a boost and make it easy and enjoyable for the user, but the d-mannose is the hero. 

UTI Prevention

Humans aren’t very good at prevention. We’re not wired that way. Our natural tendency is to plow forward until we hit a roadblock and then deal with it. Most of our medical institutions are based on problem àdiagnosis àresponse. We get sick, we see a doctor, they prescribe a remedy. And this works pretty well. But it means we need to get sick to trigger the sequence, and sometimes rely on remedies that feel waaaay too aggressive (I’m looking at you antibiotics and opioids). Unfortunately, at that stage, those are often the correct and perhapsonlyremedy available.

prevent UTIs

In the future, I believe we will all become much better at proactive maintenance, to our bodies, to our communities, and to our environments. Antibiotics are necessary when you get a UTI, but we should be figuring out ways to prevent the infection in the first place.

Preventative aids like Mingo require proactive behaviour and that can be a challenge. You’re spending money on something to prevent something that hasn’t happened yet. But like exercise, eating right, and getting good sleep, it can make a huge difference. UTIs have the special designation as being pure evil, so once we get one, we look for ways to avoid getting another, but it’s still hard.

UTI prevention

Ways to Prevent UTI

One of my goals from the start has been to figure out ways to simplify uti prevention and to find ways to make it easier for all of us. The list of how you get a UTI is long, but it’s also pretty straightforward.

We get UTIs from bacteria. So things that cause bacteria to enter, linger, and multiply can cause a UTI. That perfect storm of an extra-long hike, a broken shower at home, and a weak immune system after a long weekend can be all you need for the bacteria to enter, linger, and multiply. Or a new special someone that leads to a rapid and delightful ramp-up of activity down there. Or a series of infections in the past that make your body much more friendly to that unfriendly, infection-causing bacteria.

So to prevent a UTI, you should focus on keeping the bacteria out, and supporting the process with a healthy immune system, lots of hydration, and maybe a few behavioural adjustments to give yourself the best chance against the bacteria warriors. (4)

If you’re a sufferer of UTIs and looking for a break, we hope you’ll give Mingo a try.

Let us know how it goes, wherever you are in the world! : )


UTI prevention


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